Bastards of Utopia

A remixable Documentary

A Real Croatian Public

Thompson, a nationalist rock band that promotes fascism and rightist politics, performs at a stadium in Zagreb. Read More

The far right singer Marko Perkovic, better known by his stage name Thompson after the antique British machine-with which he claims to have defended his Dalmation hinterland village of Cavoglava, has become one of the most popular domestic performers in Croatia. Thompson’s re-emergence, popularity, and especially massive publicity over the last year are viewed by many as having been orchestrated by the far right. The concert felt as much like a fascist political meeting with an abundance of Ustasa insignia and flags (the Croatian fascist movement that nominally ruled the Independent State of Croatia during World War II), black shirts, Nazi salutes, and chants.

Watch a clip from Fistra’s antifascist punk concert, AK47, to contrast the differing political ideologies behind the music.