Bastards of Utopia

A remixable Documentary

Down With Fortress Europe

When a bike caravan on its way to the Thessaloniki summit protests passes through Zagreb on its way to Greece, the riot police become involved. Read More

The international bike caravan adopts the protest technique called Critical Mass in this video. Critical Mass developed in 1992 in San Fransisco and features a loosely knit movement of slow-moving, traffic-obscuring bicycle riders seeking safer city streets.  This particular caravan (protesting the exclusionary immigration policies of the EU) moves along one of Zagreb’s central thoroughfares, King Drzislava Street, quickly snaring midday traffic as the activists spread across all three lanes.

In the context of the nation-state, citizenship (through efforts such as the Schengen Agreement) becomes a means by which the state may exclude entry to non-citizens rather than solidify the rights of equals to participate in the public sphere.  If the nation is imagined as a sovereign, territorially bound homogeneous collective, control of the citizenry acts a homogenizing project as well as a means of solidifying the territorial claims of the collective.

Zagreb anarchists challenge these nationalist and Eurocentric sentiments as they imagine a world in which all people are free to move where they want, when they want without concern for national borders and state citizenship. For more on the European Union’s border regime, watch Europe for All and read its context.