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Food Not Bombs

Jelena and friends scavenge vegetables from the central market to make food for a neighborhood Food Not Bombs giveaway. Read More

Hrana ne oruzje, or Food Not Bombs, is an all volunteer activity that finds its origins in the anti-nuclear activism of 1980s New England.  The basic premise is that each group recovers food by donation and/or scavenging in their respective city and serves vegetarian meals at protests as well as other events.  The Zagreb collective is the most developed of Croatia’s FNB, but others include Zadar, Split, and Slavonski Brod.  The Zagreb collective collects the majority of the food from the urban markets (for more on the markets, watch Vegetable Central) and meals are served near Zagreb’s central train station most Saturdays as well as for protest actions.  A key aspect of FNB is demonstrating the political rather than the humanitarian character of the action.  One Zagreb activist describes this sentiment, “it’s that what we’re doing is done so differently from what we’re criticizing, we try to set an example that makes social problems more visible.”