Bastards of Utopia

A remixable Documentary

Not Cool

After the members of the collective leave the free store with the riot police, Maple spends the night in jail after the police discover his visa is expired. Before leaving the country, he talks to Dado about the abrupt end of the free store action. Read More

Maple’s ethnographic methods during his time in Croatia were largely driven by political commitment and guided by a theory of practice that in some ways breaks down the distinction between researcher and activist during the time of fieldwork.  Juris (2008) suggests that the same cannot be said for the moment of writing and distribution, when one has to confront vastly different systems of standards, awards, selections, and stylistic criteria.  Juris goes on to explain a gap between the time of solidarity and the time of writing, with “the former marked by docility and graititude towards one’s hosts, while the latter reveals the institutional affiliations, and the intellectual, professional, an financial profit for which this hospitality is objectively the means” (Juris 2008: 21).