Bastards of Utopia

A remixable Documentary

Paper Trail

Fistra, Jelena, and fellow organizers discuss how they will publicize the opening of the free store. Read More

Text of Flier for Zagreb Free Store:

In your neighborhood, in one of the many abandoned spaces, we have begun to develop an idea called the Network of Social Solidarity.  The space itself is imagined as an open one where people can socialize, inform themselves, educate themselves, and be creative without money…The first thing we’ve initiated, and which is especially important to us, is a Free Store, “Take It Or Leave It.”  The goal is to gather in one place all those old things you don’t need that are gathering dust in your drawers, cupboards, attics, and basements, precisely those things that someone else might need.  So you can donate old clothes, shoes, home appliances, dishes, and anything else you think of but also if you need something, or some kind of help, a friend of just a way to fill your free time you can visit or call us.  We must show solidarity so we can strengthen our community.  This idea depends on all of us.  If we don’t take care of ourselves no one else will.  For Solidarity!