Bastards of Utopia

A remixable Documentary

War and Sabotage

Protesters march and clash with the police at the European Union-Western Balkans Summit in Thessaloniki, Greece. Read More

For Zagreb anarchists, mass protests such as the protests in Thessaloniki are significant because they; (1) achieve broad communicative goals (garner attention, open public debates on global trade, third world debt, consumerism and capitalism), (2) engage in an experiential dimension of direct confrontation with state security forces (ie-feeling the power of the state on their skin), which can be a strong confirmation of views, and (3) the protests foster a community of resistance.

The same groups and individuals who helped organize the Thessaloniki protests in 2003, for example, also helped organize the 2008 riots in Greece.  Through connections at the 2003 protests, Zagreb anarchists participated in the 2008 actions as well.  Though the riots in 2008 were a spontaneous reaction to the fatal shooting of a youngster by police an undercurrent of causes, such as the pressures faced by the youth of today in Greece to the complete devaluation of the political system, strongly influenced the events that transpired (Karamichas 2009).