Sources related to OCCUPATION

Counterspin [RealAudio]
Socialist Worker
Boston Phoenix
Service Employees International Union
Union of Needletrades, Textiles, and Industrial Employees and Hotel Employees International Union (UNITEHERE)
Jobs with Justice
Elaine Bernard's Blog
Elaine Bernard's Homepage
Filmakers Library
Occupation on ifilm
Videography based Prague
MediaRights: Media that Matters
Youth for Social Action
Harvard Independent Article on Occupation

Sources related to Gorongosa

Carr Foundation
Plans for Gorongosa
State Department Report on Mozambique
General Gorongosa Info
General Gorongosa Info
General Gorongosa Info
General Gorongosa Info
Birding in Gorongosa Park
Birding in Gorongosa Park
Mozambique's homepage
Mozambican News Agency
Links page from the Center for African Studies (Penn University)
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Sources related to Orphans of Mathare

Orphans of Mathare website
MediaRights page for Orphans of Mathare
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Sources related to BASTARDS OF UTOPIA

DHP Distribution
Monte Paradiso Squat
Kontrapunkt anarhism/activism
Hrvatski Punk Bendovi
Underground CRO portal
Protest Net
Peace Protest Net
Anarchist News Service
Ekologija Net
People's Global Action
Zelena Akcija
Anarchism Net
Abolishing The Border From Below
Food Not Bombs
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Sources related to the Green Party and Paul Lachelier's campaign

Paul Lachelier's American Sociological Association webpage
Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts
Green Party (USA)
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Sources related to Partisan

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Sources related to Hamlet

Long Wharf Theatre
Enjoying Hamlet
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Sources related to Monti Moments

Herzfeld's personal site
Moscow IV Visual Anthropology Festival Social Network of Monti (in Italian)
"The Global Importance of a Small Community" about Herzfelds's work in Pom Mahakan, Bangkok   (alt link)
Prejudice in modern Rome and elsewhere
Related to the crisis at Pom Mahakan and the threat of collective eviction:
Article by Graeme Bristol
Essay by Herzfeld on "spatial cleansing"
UN-related report including discussion of Pom Mahakan
A book on historic conservation and its social consequences in a Greek tow

Moscow IV Visual Anthropology Festival

Prof Herzfeld's related book



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Links to the video activist community

Center for Social Media
Free Speech TV
Video Activist Network
VAN's links page
Whispered Media
Harvard Film Study Center
Harvard Film Archive
Documentary Educational Resources
Visual Anthropology Review
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