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Liberally disseminate the materials below to advertise your screening of "Occupation," or just stick them on your own walls as a reminder of the wonderful experience you had watching the film.

Here's a two-sided flyer [front] [back]

Here's our poster. PDF format, 11x17". The same thing in 8.5x11".


[1] Ed Chids, a shop steward for HERE Local 26, and Wilson Sinclair, a Harvard janitor, join hands in victory. (credit: Toussaint Losier)

[2] Iris Halpern, a Tufts University student, assembles a crowd before the statue of John Harvard. (credit: Toussaint Losier)

[3] A look down the tree-lined Av de Justícia in Tent City. (credit: Toussaint Losier)

[4] Susan Misra shares a contemplative moment with the Five-Oh. (credit: The Harvard Crimson)

[5] A few of the many banners strung up in Harvard Yard by supporters. (credit: Ian Simmons)